Friday, January 22, 2010

Customers Don't Want Apple Tablet if It Requires AT&T

Here's an interesting piece that talks about whether the coming Apple tablet will be exclusive to AT&T or Verizon:

The most interesting part is that 34% of potential customers DON'T want an Apple tablet if it requires an AT&T connection. OUCH!

So the most talked about, most anticipated, and desired device of the new decade becomes a turn off to customers if it's connected to the exclusive carrier of the iPhone? Wow, AT&T sure did a great job of angering Apple customers in a few short years!

What's sad is that AT&T execs probably don't react to numbers like this. They just assume that people are going to hate them. So they hate their customers back. They want their money, but they don't care if they're happy or not. They act as if their customers are ungrateful. They assume that no matter what they do, people will hate them.

Guys, it doesn't have to be that way! Honestly, it isn't that hard to keep customers happy. People love Apple, and it overcharges for it's products. It makes mistakes and sells crappy devices sometimes. It charges a huge nerd tax. But customers love it because they feel like it is trying. And it innovates. It tries to provide new things for people, rather than raking up rates on old things or preventing people from doing things they want to do.

There is no reason that people have to hate their cell phone provider. AT&T, take a serious look into your own heart. Why do you hate your customers so much? Is it… that you really hate yourself?

Deep down, don't you want to be loved? Isn't the reason that you hate your customers because you need love so much? But you have to make the first step. You have to reach out and offer a hug. Tell your customers how much you love them, and they'll love you back. There is still time. But you don't know how, do you? I'll tell you. Let Uncle Bell help you. I'll give you one simple example.

Give away free tethering on the iPhone. Now. It won't cost you much, and it will make millions of the most tech savvy iPhone customers extremely happy, very quickly. You could build huge loyalty almost over night.

Seriously, guys, consider it.

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