Tuesday, September 21, 2010

AT&T iPhone Customers Want Verizon

Almost one in four AT&T iPhone customers would switch to Verizon, sight unseen, if they had the chance according to a new survey.

A Million AT&T Subscribers Want to Switch

I wonder how many people driving Fords would say they will switch to Chevy when they buy their next car?  Or how many people watching a Sony TV would say they want a Panasonic instead?  People are generally resistant to change unless necessary, and also instinctively loyal to whatever they already have even if there are better things in the world.   So AT&T has to be actively pissing off people for them to want to switch.

Just saying…

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The End of Phone Service?

The far reaching implications of Apple's FaceTime are just starting to become clear.  Fortune writes about how many FaceTime capable devices Apple will release in the next two quarters:

50 Million FaceTime Devices

That number could double instantly if Apple makes FaceTime available through iChat on all it's camera equipped computers and laptops.  Being an open platform, that could then expand to hundreds of millions if Windows versions come out.  No reason they shouldn't.  And why shouldn't an Android app follow?

So basically, what we're talking about is the end of traditional phone service.  Hmm… AT&T, time to rethink tiered pricing?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Will FaceTime Destroy AT&T?

Here's an excellent piece by Mark Reschke on Steve Jobs' recent presentation and what it could mean for Apple's relationship with AT&T:

iPod Touch is an iPhone Without a Contract

I think Reschke is right that AT&T's move to tiered pricing pissed Steve Jobs off enough that he is now actively plotting against it.  FaceTime could be the ultimate weapon to break teleco's hold on American communication services.

Others have dismissed FaceTime as little more than a new way to Sext.  But sex is a big motivator, especially with young people.  If they start using FaceTime initially to hook up, they might give up traditional phone calls for good.