Sunday, September 12, 2010

The End of Phone Service?

The far reaching implications of Apple's FaceTime are just starting to become clear.  Fortune writes about how many FaceTime capable devices Apple will release in the next two quarters:

50 Million FaceTime Devices

That number could double instantly if Apple makes FaceTime available through iChat on all it's camera equipped computers and laptops.  Being an open platform, that could then expand to hundreds of millions if Windows versions come out.  No reason they shouldn't.  And why shouldn't an Android app follow?

So basically, what we're talking about is the end of traditional phone service.  Hmm… AT&T, time to rethink tiered pricing?

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  1. I have been frustrated for close to two months already. my calls drop in the middle of a conversations. I pay close $300 dollars per monthly service's . Another real problem is their reps will not be honest as to when as they continue telling me (a tower is down) this tower will be repaired. They rely on the fact that most of us are to lazy to follow up on our right for decent service. Sad business practices by at&t.
    therefor, I would advise a different phone company for your needs. Of course I am searching for another provide also. The saddest part is Their dropped calls from my at&t phone won't allow me to express my concerns to them unless I am on another phone.
    Kirk giordano