Wednesday, January 6, 2010

AT&T Works to Improve 3G Network

I want to focus on a rare bit of good news coming out of AT&T. Not because I don't like focusing on good news, but simply because it's rare. AT&T announced that it was implementing software upgrades that will improve it's 3G network. I'm going to take the press release at face value and not try to assign it evil ulterior motives:

I'm sure deep in corporate headquarters, the big bosses get annoyed when people complain about AT&T's network because they know they have highly paid tech people working on it and they will be able to make announcements like this if we just give them time.

But that's not the point, big bosses. I know, everyone knows, you will fix your network eventually. The question is, what do you do about it now? The first thing is, don't lie. If you have problems, admit to them and say your fixing them. Don't spend millions in advertising trying to cover them up. And when people complain, give them so credit for having a point, be humble, and keep working on fixing the problem.

Is that too much to ask while we hand over a $100 a month of our hard earned money to you?

But in the meantime, thanks for this announcement, I'm sure these upgrades will improve the network. Then can we have free tethering?

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