Wednesday, December 9, 2009

AT&T Sends Mixed Messages

The latest AT&T Luke Wilson ad once again argues that it has the fastest wireless network:

But elsewhere, spokespeople for AT&T complain about users… um… using their system.

Of course, this is once again a trial ballon to try to create another "net neutrality" creating crisis. The problem is a few greedy bandwith hogs. It's a corporate mentality that keeps trying to figure how to get more money for less service. They would like to create data tiers with various charges, and ultimately charge per bite.

This is very bad short term thinking. Yes, despite the claims in it's ads, AT&T can't handle all the usage coming from iPhone and there are lots of problems. The solution is to fix it, not to try to penalize your happiest customers by forcing them to cut back on what they paid for or charge them more.

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