Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sick of AT&T on You iPhone? Now is the Time to Jailbreak.

So Apple announced the iPhone 4.0 to much acclaim, except for the big disappointment, we're still stuck with AT&T.  Rumors, and all logic, say that at least Verizon will be added as a carrier in the fall, but what can an AT&T hater do in the meantime?  Well, now is probably a good time to seriously consider jailbreaking your 3.0 iPhone and switching to T-Mobile in protest.


The logic works like this.  You hate AT&T.  You've put up with their crap for years.  You almost are considering abandoning Apple and switching to Android.  But don't give up yet.  Surely the iPhone 4.0 will come to other carriers, eventually…

But if you buy a new iPhone 4.0, in order to use it, you'll be stuck with a new two year contract with AT&T.  Don't do it!  Better to jailbreak your old phone and have some fun with a new carrier (and get free tethering!).  Then when the iPhone 4.0 is finally available for other carriers, you'll have some real choice at last without having to pay to get out of your AT&T contract.

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