Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Rumors of a Verizon iPhone

Here's an interesting piece by Bob Faulker discussing the most recent Verizon iPhone rumors:

Why iPhone on Verizon May No Longer Be a Rumor

Unfortunately, Faulker makes a powerful argument we may have to wait until next year for a LTE iPhone so that Apple can skip over CDMA all together.  While this makes some sense in the "Apple doesn't go backwards" argument, it's hard to see why Apple can't make a lot of money off the existing CDMA market in the US (and in Korea).  Why give that up, especially when Apple seems to expect it's own customers to buy new phones every couple years?  (And they happily do.)  For the sake of suffering AT&T customers, I hope other rumors of a Verizon iPhone in the fall come true.

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