Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More on Sprint iPhone Rumors

The rumors of a Sprint iPhone continue despite the lack of any real confirmation:

There is no "news" here, and no new here either. We simply have the repetition of a rumor which happens a lot about anything involving new Apple products. These things come and go quickly in the Apple gossip world. But something about this particular rumor is keeping it alive despite any new facts.

The thing is, it just makes a hell of a lot of sense. We've been waiting for some time to see what Apple's move is going to be in regard to dumping it's exclusive deal with AT&T. If it isn't true, then, boy, there was a missed opportunity. One thing that I don't think anyone considered until now was the huge value of free publicity Sprint would get (and which it needs) if it was the first carrier to have a non-AT&T iPhone. The publicity is worth millions already.

In fact, the publicity is so good, it's possible someone involved in Sprint might be behind the leak. Got no proof of that either, but it's interesting to think about. I'm still digging an I'll keep you posted.

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