Monday, May 24, 2010

Best Buy to Sell Sprint iPhone? Goodbye AT&T!

So this is just a rumor, but it's one I really believe. An anonymous Best Buy employee says that Sprint will be offering an iPhone for it's service this June:

Best Buy to Sell Sprint iPhone?

This is just weeks away! Now, why do I believe this, since there isn't really any proof? Well, first off, Apple absolutely needs to open the iPhone up to other carriers, and soon. The Android is finally getting some traction, and the hatred of AT&T by iPhone users has gotten to a point where Apple is starting to look bad by sticking with them.

Also, Sprint has been running ads already touting how iPhone users (and iPad users) can use their wireless hotspot to connect to the internet faster than AT&T's 3g network.

Finally, Sprint has the only up and running 4g network (AT&T decided to wait on upgrading, the better to line the pockets of it's executives in short term bonuses). Sprint actually makes a better choice for Apple than Verizon. Verizon, because it's the biggest carrier, has been more demanding of terms for any deal with Apple. And Apple is a company that doesn't like to get pushed around.

Finally, Sprint really needs the iPhone. The company bet the farm on 4g, and it had to be working hard behind the scenes to get the iPhone. It didn't run those iPhone ads without checking in with Steve, I'm sure.

So how long will it take Uncle Bell to dump AT&T once Sprint offers up a 4g iPhone?

Faster than you can said: buh-bye!

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