Sunday, May 2, 2010

iPad Sucks on AT&T Service (No Surprise)

Well, the 3G iPad just started shipping and, predictably, we already have our first AT&T service sucks blog story:

Too early for Uncle Bell to tell if this really is an AT&T problem or a glitch or possibly Apple being overly cautious, but AT&T should have prepared for what is going to be a coming storm of criticism of it's iPad service. The comments section on the post features a lively discussion about who is to blame. Recommended reading, but I couldn't come to a firm conclusion.

I do have to reprint this one comment on the post by Jfrank:

"i worked for AT&T, all entities, as a consultant for years. They still have a utility mentality, and their decision makers are too old and too anti-deluvian to make smart consumer decisions.

As one poster said here, at least Rogers opens their pipes. Hell, in Japan, you can get 200 MBPS over your phone for $29/mo. The USA is soooooo behind-the-eight-ball when it comes to networks that it’s laughable."

Yep, couldn't have said it better myself.

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  1. My iPad can not run Netflix or even stream a 2 min. YouTube video without stopping to stream every 6-7 seconds with 5 full bars with their data plan. My tmobile cliq streams faster. AT&T service truly sucks. This is a useless device unless you are using your own wireless service at home or office. I bought this thing to remote in to the office while on the road. What a waste of money.