Thursday, March 25, 2010

Poor AT&T Signal? AT&T Offers a Solution: Pay Us More

Once again, the rocket scientists at AT&T are inventing new ways to piss off customers that are unhappy with AT&T service:

AT&T should be giving MicroCells away for free, because they basically save AT&T tons of money by channeling calls off of their cell towers. Also, providing good service (so people continue to pay monthly bills and don't switch carriers) should be more important to AT&T in the long run, than making a few bucks by selling something that shouldn't be needed in the short run. But short term thinking is what get's execs their yearly bonus, so screw customers who complain.

Like this comment at the bottom of the link:

"Classic AT&T. Having failed to provide the service subscribers pay for, their solution is to sell them another service. Their motto should be "We add insult to injury."

Uncle Bell couldn't have said it better himself. It's staggeringly greedy to charge for something people shouldn't need when they pay you each month for service "anywhere." Are customers really supposed to go: "Wow, I've been paying $60 a month and my phone doesn't work good. Now, I only have to pay $150, and maybe it will get better!"

UPDATE: Here's some more commentary on AT&T's latest efforts to insult it's customers:

I remember many years ago when satellite TV came around and cable companies laughed because it was really not nearly as convenient as cable and cost just about as much. They were then stunned when it took off very quickly. What they didn't count on was that people absolutely despised their cable companies, even though they reluctantly paid for cable.

AT&T is heading for a very similar wake up call. One of these days, when iPhone customers have a choice, they're going to be surprised at how many of their customers go running. Now, maybe AT&T thinks it can worry about that when it happens, cut rates, improve service, whatever, but I suspect they will find that there are a lot of customers that will run regardless of deals, just because they're so angry at AT&T's shoddy service for so long. They might find they will lose millions of customers for life.

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