Saturday, March 6, 2010

Class Action Lawsuit Against AT&T Over Tethering?

I've been complaining for some time about AT&T's lies that it would offer iPhone tethering "soon." (Soon taking over two years.) Now, MacDaily, which has generally been a defender of AT&T's shaky service, is finally joining the chorus and suggesting it's time for a class action lawsuit:

This is something AT&T needs to take seriously. It really isn't good policy to have your executives go around publicly lying to customers about offering critical services on products they hold questionable monopolies on. You could get away with that back in the 1970's (the era AT&T suits seem to long for) but you can't today when your lies can be Googled. AT&T enjoys the benefits of a heavily regulated business that discourages free competition thanks to helpful government policies. But that can quickly work against them when the public gets fed up.

The danger of a class action suit is that once it gets started, it could go a lot farther than tethering and really look at all the anti-trust implications of AT&T's war against it's own customers desire for free technology. And unfortunately for AT&T, all it's government lobbyists and PR flacks aren't very helpful in a US court of law.


  1. Agree. It was one of the reasons I stayed with iPhone. They lied to us.

  2. I live n a area where there is no high speed internet available. I even called att to see if there was anyway i could get dsl or 3g here, & the answer was no. Sooo, i turned to youtube which heloed me n setting uo my uphone to tether my laptop. Low and behold within a month ATT sent me a nasty message telling me i wasnt allowed to tether my phone without paying an extra $15./month, & if i continued to tether they woykd take my unlimited data plan away. I call them to pay the extra $15. & they tell me i cant have a tethering olan without giving up my unlimited & paying the same amount for it!! Att has to be the greadiest sob's out rhere! They can take their lies & stick em n their ass, cuz US Cellular & Verizon has much better reception & customer service!!