Thursday, April 1, 2010

Why is AT&T Underestimating iPad Traffic Strain?

In anticipation of the iPad's arrival on Saturday, several blog posts speculate that iPad 3G traffic strain will make AT&T's already shaky network even worse. Here's one:

Duh. It seems inconceivable that in big market's like New York and San Francisco where serious problems in iPhone service already exist, the addition of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of new iPad's won't create problems.

Which brings up the issue of why AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson has deliberately played down potential problems by claiming the iPad will be primarily a wi-fi device. Is he just dim? Or a liar? Does the head of one of the USA's major telecoms, entrusted with the future of our nation, not understand technology enough to see what a game changer the iPad is? Or is he just lying (as he does about iPhone tethering) without caring about the loss of credibility he'll face when his widely repeated public statements are proven completely wrong? Hard to say, but rest assured Uncle Bell will be around to remind him of how wrong he was.

The smart thing for Mr. Stephenson to have said, but then that would be out of character, is "I don't know how the iPad will impact our network, but rest assured we'll do everything we can to fix any potential problems."

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