Saturday, November 21, 2009

Luke Wilson to AT&T's Rescue

AT&T has released a fairly effective ad in response to Verizon's "false" claims about having better nation wide coverage. Here's the link to You Tube:

Verizon's claims for better coverage are about as accurate as AT&T's claims of being "faster," generally it's a comparison of apples and oranges depending on where you live and how you test it. Speaking of Apples, it's interesting to note that when AT&T clicks off a list of four reasons why its service is better, two of them are because it is the exclusive provider of the iPhone. Most popular smart phone? iPhone. 1000 apps? iPhone. What exactly does AT&T have going for it but the iPhone?

AT&T probably had to respond to Verizon's claims and this isn't a bad one. The problem is, Verizon's ads are effective because people are very unhappy with AT&T coverage and speed. That doesn't mean they would be happier with Verizon, and if they have an iPhone they don't have any choice. While AT&T does have some annoying holes in it's coverage, most of it's problems with providing consistently good cell service come from the insane popularity of the iPhone and it's relentless hunger for data. One is tempted to cut AT&T a little slack in this area while it tries to keep up with the new iPhone 3Gs's sales. But ultimately, if it can't improve the speed of it's network over the next year, the charges of poor cell coverage are going to stick, and even Luke Wilson can't help.

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